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                Address of Chief Partner
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                Integrity is the soul of professional certified public accountants. For this reason, we have established “modesty, earnest, sincerity and faithfulness” as the solution for today’s Da Hua people to settle down and get on with our pursuit and as the foundation to obtain the trust and recognition from clients and the society. Integrity should also serve as the business creed to bear in mind for our Da Hua people and even all the accountants in China.

                Looking back at the past, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all sectors of the society for their concern and support. Looking at nowadays, we would continue inheriting our mission of “modesty, earnest, sincerity and faithfulness” to serve all sectors of the society. Looking forward to the future, on the basis of inheriting the brand of Da Hua, we will continue sticking to our solemn commitment of “profession, diligence, value and win-win”, following the development ideas of professionalization, diversification and internationalization, striving for making Da Hua a large-scale professional service agency who is domestically first class, internationally well known and able to participate in competitions in global market, realizing the China dream of Da Hua people to make contribution to our homeland through providing professional services.

                “The construction of a building is not done with a single piece of wood; and the broadness of the sea is not formed with the return of one river.” Da Hua would serve the clients with profession, guarantee the quality with management, maintain the reputation with professional ethics, and collect the elites within the industry to jointly establish the credible brand and to create the bright future with you!

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                12th/F, Bldg 7 |No.16 Xi Si Huan Zhong Road |Haidian District |Beijing ?|100039 |P.R.China



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