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                In the current economic environment of the changing market, enterprises need to strengthen effective risk management , increase cash flow and make important business and financial decisions. The high-quality evaluation service would work out detailed and comprehensive evaluation reports through the commercial,legislative and technical analyses,so as to assist clients to make correct decisions.

                Da Hua's professional asset evaluation team is composed of professionals of extensive experiences and abundant knowledge,who could provide various enterprises and public institutions with independent valuation service for purposes of commercial transaction, financial report taxation, and litigation/dispute. Da Hua's abundant knowledge and expenences accumulated in the aspect of accounting, taxation and supervisory regulations to provide clients with professional services in respect of evaluation,evaluation review and evaluation consulting.

                Evaluation Services

                ◆Enterprise value evaluation

                Intangible assets evaluation

                ◆ Evaluation of machinery equipment and other physical assets

                ◆Appraisal of real estates

                ◆Land appraisal

                ◆Mineral right assessment

                ◆Evaluation of the non-performing assets and value analysis

                ◆Enterprise investment evaluation

                ◆Enterprise reorganization evaluation

                ◆Evaluation of assets transaction and lease

                ◆Property mortgage appraisal

                ◆Assets evaluations as required to be done by national regulations

                Evaluation Review

                ◆Comprehensive review to be done for the accomplished evaluation projects in the capacity of a third party

                Evaluation Consulting

                ◆Reorganization and restructuring evaluation

                ◆ Enterprise evaluation on the introduction of strategic investors

                ◆ Evaluation of property investments

                ◆ Evaluation of property-rights transactions and exchange

                ◆ Valuation of corporate share capital buy-back and stock-for-stock

                ◆Evaluation of financial statement objectives --- purchaseprice allocation and devaluation test

                ◆ Tax base evaluation

                ◆ Evaluation of litigation objects

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                12th/F, Bldg 7 |No.16 Xi Si Huan Zhong Road |Haidian District |Beijing ?|100039 |P.R.China



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