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                Management Consulting
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                Da Hua Sapient Consulting Ltd. is the strategic partner of Da Hua CPAs (Special General Partnership) diversification strategy committed to providing value-added services for our clients. Since its establishment, we have developed our services to the following key areas: Internal Control and Risk Management, Group Control and Financial Management, Capital Operation and Financial Consulting, Tax Planning and IT Consulting.

                The strategic partnership of Da Hua CPAs benefits us from obtaining best practices of auditing, quality control approach and client resources of Moore Stephens International family. Da Hua Sapient Consulting Ltd. has formed and continuously improved our standardized procedures and the HR development system, quality control and knowledge management through our successful consulting cases.

                Da Hua Sapient Consulting Ltd. has successfully provided tailor-made solutions to more than 180 large state-owned enterprise groups, listed companies as well as IPO companies. Our consultant teams are highly recognized by clients and we have established long-term business relationship with large numbers of clients.

                When providing internal control and risk management consulting services, Da Hua Sapient Consulting Ltd. focuses on improving companies’ value chains through properly managing risks, in order to help our clients create and maintain competitive advantages. We also help listed companies comply with basic Chinese standards for enterprises' internal control, HK code on corporate governance practices and US SOX 404, required by those jurisdictions’capital markets.

                Today the board of Directors and the management team confront complicated business environment and rigorous regulation requirements. By building in internal control system, companies are able to efficiently manage different risks, reasonably guarantee a true and fair financial report, forwardly comply with laws and rules, as well as steadily improve shareholder value.

                Our services included:

                Internal control counseling for IPO Companies

                Internal control design counseling

                Internal control assessment counseling

                HK PN21 counseling for pre-listing companies

                Internal control counseling for HK listed companies

                US SOX-404 compliance counseling

                ◆ Company restructuring consulting

                ◆ Company internal management design

                ◆ Optimization of company internal control system

                ◆ Study of project feasibility

                ◆ Investment analysis

                ◆ Corporate financing consulting

                ◆ Financial accounting consulting

                ◆ Planning for company listing

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                Headquarters  address

                12th/F, Bldg 7 |No.16 Xi Si Huan Zhong Road |Haidian District |Beijing ?|100039 |P.R.China



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