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                International Outsourcing
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                The international outsourcing services of Da Hua Certified Public Accountants are dedicated to helping clients to achieve excellent perfomance.Since Da Hua has the successful experiences in aspects of accounting outsourcing, taxation outsourcing and human resources outsourcing, it coud not only help clients to effectively reduce cost to relieve current cost pressure, but also help clients to concentrate their limited resources and energy on their core business,so as to shape the outstanding advantages of competition to reach the long-term goal.

                The international Outsourcing Service Department of Da Hua Certified Public Accountants coud provide clients with professional help in the following fields:

                ◆Management accounting

                ◆Cashier service ( treasury and bank account management)

                ◆Taxation compliance ( tax declaration and taxation consulting)

                ◆Human resources ( remuneration and recruitment)

                ◆Corporate secretary ( corporae establishment and business consulting)

                ◆Subsidiary audit

                The international Outsourcing Service Department of Da Hua Certified Public Accountants has more than 40 practitioners, most of whom have bilingual ablity of both Chinese and English and solid accounting basis and are familiar with both domestic and foreign accounting standards and taxation regulations.No matter the esteemed company is a transnational enterprise about to invest in China or a local enterprise to look forward to professional services, we could provide the esteemed company with a set of tailor-made personalized services, so as to reduce clients' burden and risks and to assist them in maximizing the play of their core value.

                Da Hua's Advantages:

                ◆Provide a complete and professional team according to the demands of clients, and to ensure the accuracy of various data though multiple quality controls;

                ◆Have a stable practice team to avoid the frequent replacement of project accountants , so as to secure the enterpnse interests;

                ◆Invite such experienced professional and senior accounting experts who having professional qualifications to provide the continuous professional trainings , so as to dedicate to providing the clients with optimal solutions and assist them in improving management efficiency;

                ◆As the Chinese member firm of Moore Stephens international which is a famous accounting firm in the word , relying on the global professional and technical network, we are capable to wholeheartedly provide professional services for clients on a global scale according to their needs.

                Service Philosophy:Accurate , Punctual and Professional

                ◆ Management accounting

                ◆ Cashier services (treasury and bank account management)

                ◆ Tax compliance (tax declaration and tax consulting)

                ◆ Human resources (remuneration and recruitment)

                ◆ Corporate secretary (corporate establishment and business consulting)

                ◆ Subsidiary audit

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                12th/F, Bldg 7 |No.16 Xi Si Huan Zhong Road |Haidian District |Beijing ?|100039 |P.R.China



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