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                Retail & consumer
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                Manufacturers are facing more complex business challenges than ever before.

                A global marketplace is demanding production of higher quality goods, faster response times and lower costs while mass customisation, outsourcing, and leaner margins are increasing competitive pressure. Successful companies are those doing more with less while becoming increasingly customer-centric.

                Retailers too are facing intense competitive pressure from newcomers to an already saturated market.

                Traditional retail models are under fire from differentiators in price, product, and service delivery methods. Purchasing dynamics are being revolutionised and successful companies are learning to survive and thrive in the hostile new economy with intelligent retail strategies supported by high-quality, timely market information.

                Member firms of Moore Stephens International know this because they listen to their clients, building relationships to allow them to understand the business, their sector and their objectives. It means they can provide real value to their clients

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