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                Moore Global
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                In September of 2013, Da Hua CPAs joined Moore Stephens International, which strengthened the business power of this accounting and consulting network and also started a new journey of Da Hua’s internationalization.

                Moore Stephens international was founded in London in 1907, consisting of nearly 307 member firms in 105 countries and over 27,000 staff. The total revenue of the network in 2013 is USD2.6 billion, ranking No.10 among all international accounting firms, and has become one of the leading international accounting and consulting networks excluding the“Big Four”. The aim of Moore Stephens International is to provide comprehensive and modern services to clients all over the world, through the development and maintenance of a cohesive association which operates to the same high standards of professionalism and value.

                The headquarter of Moore Stephens international is led by the Moore Stephens International Decision Committee which consists of representatives from related offices. There are eight regions operating separately within the network, including Asia-Pacific, China, Australia-New Zealand, Europe, Latin- America, Middle East, North- America and Africa, which are led by the Moore Stephens International Operating Committee. The members of the committee are selected from each region, in charge of ensuring the operation efficiency, quality and development of the whole network. The Chief Partner of Da Hua CPAs – Mr. Liang Chun is now the president of China region.

                At present, Moore Stephens International Technology Committee and Tax Committee have established to provide supports to member firms. Meanwhile, these committees are also in charge of supervising the business level of each member firm and promote their further development.


                To be a leading, recognised and highly regarded international accounting and consulting network and the first choice in our chosen markets.


                To enable member firm success through strong leadership of a cohesive and well resourced international network with a top-down culture of quality.


                Serious about success

                ? Quality – no compromise

                ? Innovation in what we do and how we do it

                ? Supporting the profitable growth of member firms

                ? Honest, ethical and open

                Demonstrate our commitment to member firms, their staff and

                their clients

                ? Generate trust through integrity and honesty

                ? Available and responsive

                ? Proactive and resourceful

                Responsible corporate citizens

                ? Engage with and encourage support in the local communities

                ? Minimise impact on the environment

                Enjoy what we do

                ? Passionate and engaged

                ? Involved with our member firms and their regions

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                Headquarters  address

                12th/F, Bldg 7 |No.16 Xi Si Huan Zhong Road |Haidian District |Beijing ?|100039 |P.R.China



                Brief Introduction

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