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                New Year Address
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                Dear Friends, Dahua Colleagues,

                We have come to bid farewell to the energetic year of 2014 and to greet the new, happy and auspicious year of 2015. Along with our New Year’s joy, our hearts are warmed by our nation’s confidence as we enter the “new normal” economy of the coming year, at the infinite yearning for new life in the hearts of our countrymen and the growing optimism workers have for the future.

                The return of Spring and the revival of nature is both a literal and metaphorical new beginning; a cause for renewed hope. As people seek their individual and collective dreams, this is a blessed time of clear reflection on the past and of planning strategically for the future.

                Looking back upon 2014, Dahua has made a number of encouraging achievements, joining the nation’s top eight accounting firms for the first time. This ranking, based on a comprehensive evaluation and the total client numbers of the Chinese accounting market’s key firms, listed companies and IPO enterprises, signifies that Dahua has joined the ranks of the country’s most trustworthy intermediaries.

                Over the past year, the strategy of “specialization, diversification and internationalization” has been widely extended and achieved remarkable results, and facilitated Dahua consistent improvement in meeting the professional requirements of “independence, objectivity and impartiality.” The efforts have strengthened review mechanisms and service classifications; established the Dahua enterprise management company and formed a diversified service network that included auditing, consulting, tax, evaluation and project costs. We provide more professional and comprehensive service for clients than ever before and have accelerated out integration with Moore Stephens International accounting firm through closer strategic cooperation, fostering a truly global business partnership while expanding our international perspective.

                However, these achievements were made in the past and we should now look forward to the future…

                As we ring out the old year and ring in the new, we’d like to offer our most sincere thanks to all sectors of the community and all the friends who have dedicated themselves to and supported the development of Dahua CPAs along the way, to the 4,000 practitioners in 24 Dahua branches, and especially to their families, for the hard work and sacrifices they made for the sake of our firm.

                The upcoming year of 2015 is the 30th anniversary of Dahua’s founding. The national accounting brand of Dahua has undergone three decades of vicissitudes, born from the classrooms of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 1985, through the many ups and downs that now flash by in our minds so fleetingly. Nowadays, Dahua’s staff continues to uphold the principles of “modesty, seriousness, sincerity and loyalty” as the bedrock of its corporate culture, inheriting the pioneer spirit of the older generation of Dahua’s founders and veteran staff as they undertake the mission entrusted to them by these fascinating times, in the process creating fresh achievements as they embark upon a new journey.

                We enter 2015 boldly, and with great hopes for a dynamic and prosperous year!

                With warmest regards,

                LIANG, Chun

                Chief Partner of Dahua CPAs